Time-Out Meditation Calls Provide Effective Wellbeing Solution In The Workplace

As well as in-house meditation and mindset workshops and individual coaching, Balance At Work has pioneered time-out meditation calls which staff can access remotely at a time to suit their schedule.

This is a short report of the data collected for one of the companies I have provided calls for recently.

Eleven bespoke 20 minute time-out meditation calls were provided to LEO-Pharma staff during their wellbeing week. This is a rundown of how the process works as well as the benefits experienced by those who took part.

Every call began with a short coaching procedure so that each member of staff can choose the inner resources that they would most like to reconnect with.

I then guided them through the most relevant techniques to help their working life and also if needed, personal life to become much easier to manage.

I chose the mindfulness techniques, NLP strategies and creative visualisations that would be most useful to help each person achieve their desired state in an easy and enjoyable way. These come from a bank of the most useful, cutting-edge techniques that I have collated within my work over the last 18 years.

As you can see from the graphs, with the desired states chosen rated out of 10, (before, straight after each call and later in the day), the improvements found continued and even increased well into the evening.

All calls are bespoke to address the needs of each individual in the moment.

I have found that a course of regular calls which take into account many different aspects of a person’s working/home life can have a very positive accumulative effect.

Simple strategies are given which over time provide staff with their own bank of meditations and visualisation techniques for them to use whenever needed.

Calls can be booked through a simple booking system and maybe taken internationally.

In this way, they provide very effective mindset solutions for members of the field team whilst travelling to talk to customers and providers.

I have had some wonderful feedback. Here are some of the comments I have received from LEO staff members when I requested their afternoon and evening scores.

‘I stayed at 9 out of 10 throughout my afternoon. Great session and I wish you could do that every day! Thank you Louise.’

‘I found it very beneficial and had a very productive afternoon. I feel like a 9 now. Thank you so much.’

‘The session definitely helped and by the end of the day I was an 8. I have used mindfulness and meditation before but find it much more effective to be talked through it to keep focused.’

‘Definitely increased from 8.5 (by the end of the call) to 9.5 (for the rest of the afternoon into the evening). I feel way more focused and able to deal with things in the present. Long may it continue! Thank you!’

‘Hi Louise thanks for today. After a busy afternoon I feel it’s fair to say it’s around a 7 out of 10 for me. I will definitely book in for future sessions.’

How could this resource impact the wellbeing and performance of your team?

Let me know how Balance At Work in-house programs and time-out meditation calls can benefit your staff and your company. Louise@louisekellyart.co.uk


How each person’s desired state increased by the end of the call

How each person’s desired state increased by the end of the call

How well the desired state lasted throughout the rest of the day and evening

How well the desired state lasted throughout the rest of the day and evening