Art Testimonials

Freedom Of The Dawn.jpeg

"We purchased two Louise Kelly paintings: 'Womb/Space' and 'Freedom Of The Dawn' which complement each other beautifully as they are different aspects of the same journey.

We fell in love with the texture and the rich, vibrant colours of the pieces which evoke a sense of motion. It's almost as if the paintings are alive and everyone who enters the room is drawn to them.

One can sense Louise's passion and feel her energy in her work yet the paintings are open to interpretation and hold a personal meaning to anyone who studies them. We love the way they fill the room with presence and sweep you away on a journey.

We bought 'Freedom Of The Dawn' at a time when we were making some life-changinging decisions and to us the painting represents our new beginning... The compelling depth, space, movement and colours carry us to a beautiful place.

Louise's empathy and energy have created some very special works of art. In 'Womb/Space' and 'Freedom Of The Dawn' her use of different techniques and textures and her understanding of colour make for stunning results. We are now in the process of commissioning Louise to paint what will surely be the focal point of another room in our house."

Georgina Heritage, Oxfordshire


"Louise, the painting has arrived safe and sound. We got home from a long weekend in the Lakes yesterday and the parcel was waiting for us. It is stunning!

I feel like I own something very special."

Philippa King-Smith, Lancashire