Artist, yoga and meditation teacher, NLP coach and therapist.


I am an explorer of metaphor, magic and the mystical, creating images to soothe, uplift and empower the viewer.

I work with rich vibrant colour to communicate nature, peace, spirituality and images from the subconscious mind.   

The paintings usually come from dreams, emotions and meditations.... Sometimes they appear fully formed in my mind. Other times I keep watch in the present moment and allow them to evolve as they will.

I love to create pieces that glow as they catch the light through use of bright, textured oils and also reflective resin over acrylic paint.

My fine art giclee prints are also made using beautiful, archival inks on velvet like, textured 310gsm paper or are printed on canvas and individually hand finished with paint and resin.

You can get in touch to commission original works for your home or office.  

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Meditation, creative visualisation and yoga

I have studied many kinds of meditation since I was teenager when I saw an ad in a magazine which said "Float Like A Butterfly"....

When I called the number underneath, I heard a beautiful meditation about journeying to a temple in a forest. I now understand how this process actually led me to journey into myself by using the imagination to access the subconscious mind. Therefore strengthening the link with my true self where I could access a of deep peace and congruence.

Repeating this experience many times, along with doing yoga in my room with an old Lyn Marshall LP that belonged to my mum's helped enormously as I navigated me turbulent teenage years and I have sought out and studied all kinds of meditation (especially creative visualisation and mindfulness) ever since. I have trained as a complementary therapist (Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Indian head massage), an NLP coach and as a children's yoga teacher.

I now have many years' experience teaching meditation and creative visualisation classes for adults in business and at retreats and open classes; guiding people back to their true selves so they can reconnect with their own positive inner resources, back to relaxation, refreshed energy, focus and motivation.

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As well as privately, I have worked for many years in nurseries and schools teaching children, teenagers (and their teachers) ways to relax and connect with the strongest, most peaceful and creative parts of themselves.

I run open Creative Children's Yoga classes at my house in Maidenhead and I provide individual holistic therapy, NLP coaching, yoga, meditation and art sessions for young people who need extra support.