Balance At Work. Re-energise, reboot and rebalance for worklife calm with Louise Kelly INLPTA ITEC I-SKY

I offer guided meditation, mindfulness techniques and NLP coaching in the workplace. I have many years' experience in leading individuals and groups to feel calmer and more resilient, focussed and more resourceful within their work.

I provide in-house guided meditation and mindfulness sessions for groups as well as NLP coaching for individuals.

I am excited to introduce a new process that I have developed called Time-Out Meditation Calls which companies can buy for their staff in hourly blocks. Each call is 20 minutes long and I provide a bespoke guided meditation depending on what each person would like to access more of for the rest of the working day and beyond.

 A series of weekly calls is advised as the techniques offered have an accumulative effect.  People often express that they would like to feel more focussed, calm and clearheaded and the meditation calls offer a simple, convenient way for them to achieve this. Sometimes companies like to book a quiet room that staff can access at the allocated time, sometimes it is easiest for people go to their cars in their lunch break to enjoy the call. 

I get a lot of feedback to report that people find an increase in organisation skills and productivity after the calls. Once companies have boughthourly blocks of Time-Out Meditation Calls, their staff get access to a simple booking system so they can book their slots. In this way, I can easily provide individual workplace wellbeing support for three people during each hour requested.

Please contact me to find out more about coaching, Time-Out meditation call packages and in-house guided meditation/mindfulness sessions for groups. Call: 07877 540 475