Time-out meditation calls, in-house workshops and individual coaching with Balance At Work.


Research shows that over 60% of people at work are suffering from stress and time off is on the increase.

Balance At Work offers workplace workshops so that staff teams can learn easy, enjoyable ways to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in all areas of life. Stress levels are greatly reduced and people can reconnect with the positive inner resources needed to feel clear and focused within their work.

I have developed my approach after many years' experience leading individuals and groups to feel calmer and clearer so that they can deal with pressure and change much more easily.

Each workshop blends creative visualisations, mindfulness and NLP techniques to completely refresh your energy and streamline your working day.

I have collated the most effective, cutting edge techniques to help you bring peace of mind and a breath of fresh air into the areas of your life that need it most.                               

Time-out meditation calls

As well as in-house workshops tailored to your company's needs, Balance at Work has pioneered time-out meditation calls. These are dedicated phone calls that provide a way for staff to re-energise and rebalance during their working day. The calls provide quick, easy and highly effective ways to cope with the pressures of work and life.


I am excited to be introducing this new practical service to companies worldwide.

In as little as 20 minutes, staff can feel:

  • Resilient and resourceful

  • Calm and stress-free

  • Focussed and re-energised

  • Ready to deal with challenges such as presentations and important meetings

I offer packages where in each hour purchased, up to three individual members of staff can access 20 minutes of my time for a dedicated telephone session.

During the call, I provide a short coaching procedure and bespoke guided meditation and/or mindfulness techniques to help staff access inner resources to assist them through the rest of the working day and beyond. A course of weekly calls have proved to be even more beneficial as the techniques have an accumulative effect.

Many people report that they feel more focussed, calm and clearheaded after a call, so benefiting from an increase in their organisational skills and productivity. Time-out meditation calls provide a simple, convenient and highly enjoyable way for them to achieve this.

People sometimes choose to work on personal issues that are playing on their mind. In this way, the calls can also provide valuable emotional wellbeing support. 

Staff can choose to take the call in a quiet office or by using headphones in a place they will not be disturbed or even in their car. It is their choice. They will have access to a simple booking system so they can book calls at the most convenient during their working day.

This has also proved to be an excellent support to people who are travelling for business. The beauty of this process is that calls can be accessed anywhere in the world!

Please get in touch to discuss your company's requirements and to find out more about in-house programmes and time-out meditation calls. You can also book a complementary call so you can experience the benefits of time-out meditation calls for yourself and understand how they can benefit your staff and in turn your organisation.


Balance At Work


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"My session with Louise was excellent. I have struggled to maintain concentration with meditation previously and it's a huge help being talked and guided through this. Louise set the pace and tone perfectly. I felt a broad sense of relaxation and significantly calmer afterwards and I have also learnt some useful tips to try going forward. I'd highly recommend this."                                                                                                                                

Clare Byrne, Ignition Records.


"My to-do list was ever increasing and I found myself flitting from one job to another, despite knowing that this was unhelpful and counter-productive. I was curious about whether a guided meditation would help. Would I manage to relax and focus? Would I feel clearer afterwards? My guided telephone session with Louise was wonderful. She explained exactly what would happen and made sure I was ready to proceed. The meditation itself was perfect, just what I needed and I felt refreshed and clear-headed afterwards. Thank you Louise. This is a great service."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Suzanne Mountain, Navigating Change.


"My internal dialogue was endless and I realised I was reaching out for support. The offer of a guided meditation session, just 20 mins of my day wherever I chose it to be; no room bookings needed..Just me, my phone and a set of headphones sounded too good be true. I needed inner peace to simply function after a run of personal problems and the most wonderful experience followed which I want to share. Louise guide me with a gentle, powerful technique to focus my imagination in proactive, positive ways and connect me with my source of positive energy which renewed my mind body and spirit. I felt so relaxed in a short space of time, not just inner peace but also a renewed sense of focus. Surprisingly, 20 minutes armed me with tools to support me through the rest of the working day and into those that followed. I was able to self-adjust my sleep patterns and recognise the power I had over my own well-being. The experience was positive, healing and so powerful that I can now call on the techniques that Louise taught me whenever need to. I thoroughly recommend this."                                                                                                                                 Maria Stevenson, Learning And Development Manager, 1st CENTRAL.


"I had a time-out meditation call with Louise where she guided me with her beautiful voice through a lovely meditation just for me for what I needed to feel more of at that moment. After only 20 minutes I felt really peaceful and in a good place. I can't recommend her services highly enough."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Meli Paramio Lopez, Co-Founder at The Dragonfly Candle Company, UK


I am now also teaching 30 minutes lunchtime meditation classes at http://healthyyogi.co.uk/ for people who work in or near Maidenhead town centre.

You can go straight to the booking page here to see the  latest schedule: https://balanceatwork.bookwhen.com/schedules/a5g8plir9cs6




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